Indian Postal History 1947-1997
by Ashok Kumar Bayanwala

15th August 1947 - Bharat (India) became Independent

The Freedom Struggle actually began after 1905, when the British partitioned Bengal. Boycott Movement started. In December 1906 a tri-colour National Flag was unfurled for the first time at Calcutta Congress. The Revolutionary Movement spread throughout India. The British Government launched assault on the Indian National movement. In August 1920, Gandhi ji launched a Nonviolent and Non Cooperation Movement. In December 1929, the resolution for Complete Independence was accepted at Lahore Congress and it was decided to celebrate 26th January every year as Independence Day. 

Gandhi ji launched Civil Disobedience Movement with Historic Dandi March on 12th March 1930, which shocked the British Empire. When the Cripps Mission failed, the country began to prepare for a final confrontation with British Imperial Power. On 8th August 1942, the Quit India Resolution was passed and the clarion call ?DO or DIE? was given by Gandhi ji. Some 60,000 people were arrested and more then 10,000 people were killed, when ruthless repressive measures were taken by British Army and Police.  

In 1943, Netaji S. C .Bose organized ?Azad Hind Fauj? from Indian Prisoners of war by Japan and launched an attack on India through Imphal. On 29th February 1947, the British agreed to transfer power to responsible Indian Hands. The long awaited Freedom of India came on Midnight of 14th - 15th August 1947.

Due to paucity of time at their disposal, the Department of Posts could not come out with a Postage Stamp. But several labels, privately printed, were issued to celebrate the event. ?Let?s March on? label with Gandhi ji, along with nine different labels in ten different colors were printed by New Jack Printing Press, Prabhadevi, Bombay. 

Thus 100 different labels are in this series. Beside these labels, many others were also issued.


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